Retire Your Risk

Safe Money Solutions is our only focus when it comes to your Retirement!

What if there was a retirement strategy where your money was 100% guaranteed to be protected against market losses, earning a reasonable rate of return, with no annual fees?

Good news! Such a product does exist!

Studies have shown that more people fear running out of money than they fear death. If you are afraid of running out of money, then why would you expose it to unnecessary risk?

We offer our clients safe money solutions that can guarantee their hard-earned money is protected from market losses.

After all, why would you want to risk financial happiness in retirement.


Upcoming Complimentary Workshops

Broward County: February 2019

Dade County: December 2018

Martin County: January 2019

Palm Beach County: November 2018

Topics to be discussed: Social Security, Retirement Planning and Estate Planning


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Complimentary Tools

Retirement Analyzer

A Free 30 page detailed report is designed to give a view of how funds may last throughout retirement.

It is designed to provide a thorough analysis highlighting whether funds may last throughout retirement.

In addition, we are able to illustrate the effect of premature death, a nursing home stay, or a market correction.

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Asset Lock

AssetLock® is a Free communication tool used to help users stay informed on their retirement accounts. With AssetLock® Personal, the user has complete control over the downside percentage (AssetLock® Percentage), which is used to send alerts.

To sign up for AssetLock® Personal, please visit: on a computer

Or: on a mobile device

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Social Security Analyzer

This Free 9 page comprehensive and robust aid helps analyze Social Security Options including personalized filing strategies, break even analysis and cash flow analysis.

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Retirement Tax Analyzer

To be prepared for retirement, you first need to establish your after-tax retirement income goal adjusted for inflation. You also need to determine if your retirement assets are sufficient to meet your goal. If you are not on track, your next step is look for a way to provide financial security in a tax-efficient manner. This free report will help get you there.

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Complimentary Safe Money Resources